What makes SureGrip Daily Cleaner a better choice for cleaning floors than other products?

SureGrip Daily Cleaner is alkaline-free and it is also a very effective emulsifier.  Alkaline cleaners can leave behind residue that when introduced to moisture will become slippery.  Using a product that is effective at emulsifying contaminates, especially oils, is paramount to clean and safe floors.  


Since SureGrip Daily Cleaner is a de-greaser, can it be used on other surfaces than just floors?

Yes! SureGrip Daily Cleaner is registered by the NSF under category A1 (floor cleaner) and also A4 (floor and wall cleaner). SureGrip customers have had great success using it to clean their kitchen hoods, walls, stainless steel equipment, loading docks, etc. Try it anywhere! For more information: SureGrip NSF Registration


What is the pH of SureGrip Daily Cleaner?

SureGrip Daily Cleaner has a pH of 4 in dilution of 2-4 ounces per gallon of water.

Are cleaners that have an acidic pH dangerous to use?

Although SureGrip Daily Cleaner is on the acid side of the pH scale, it is completely safe to use. In dilution it has a safety rating of 0, the safest rating. Click here to learn more. 


Can SureGrip Daily Cleaner be used on VCT and other resilient floors that have been coated with floor sealer / finish?

Yes, absolutely! SureGrip Daily Cleaner is the perfect choice for flooring that has been sealed /coated with floor finish. Click here to learn more.

What about basketball courts or handball courts?



Enzyme floor cleaners are alkaline-free; does that make them a good choice for cleaning floors?

No, not really. The premise behind enzymatic floor cleaners is that you simply mop the product on the floor and let it dry. No rinsing. Over time the residue builds up and the floors become slippery and they also begin to smell bad. Furthermore, enzyme cleaners will degrade grout. Some grout manufacturers will not warranty their product when these types of cleaners are used.